Counting North is an independent accountancy practice based in the North of England that specialises in working alongside small accountancy firms to deliver specialist audit and tax services which they would otherwise not be able to provide to their clients.

Based in Durham, Counting North works right across the North of the country from Northumberland to South Yorkshire. As a member firm of both the ICAEW and ACCA we are committed to putting quality and best practice at the heart of our business. Our philosophy is to build a long term relationship with the practices we work with and we are committed to working with these practices to provide a complementary service.

Counting North focuses on working with accountants to deliver the following services:

Outsourced Audits

Changes to the audit requirements over the years have left many accountancy practices with a small number of clients which require the services of a statutory auditor. In these cases many accountancy practices are struggling to justify their need to service the client along with the cost and time investment required to remain up to date in this complex area and are potentially faced with the difficult decision of resigning from what may be one of their best clients.

Equally some practices are potentially having to turn down a client because a particular aspect may require the need to be statutory auditor and they do not possess the requisite registration.

In these instances Counting North can undertake the regulated audit work leaving the accountancy practice to focus on delivering the accountancy, tax and other services to the client.

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R&D Tax Reliefs

The R&D tax reliefs are designed to encourage innovation by companies operating in the UK. Since being introduced in 2000 the scheme has seen significant increases in the level of relief available to claimant companies. The scheme can benefit claimants through reductions in their tax bills and in some cases can generate cash refunds for the claimant. The scheme can be an important source of funding for claimants.

Whilst the take up of research and development tax reliefs is increasing many accountants still do not appreciate which projects would actually qualify for the relief. Many associate the term research and development with the “men in white coats” and struggle to see how it could apply to their clients. In reality the reliefs can apply to a wide range of businesses who are engaged in innovation or process improvement with a degree of uncertainty. As a result they are missing out on claims which their clients would be entitled to make.

Counting North has the experience to work alongside smaller practices to identify which clients may have a claim. Where in our opinion the client does have a valid claim we will work with them to substantiate the value of the claim, prepare a report in support of the claim and negotiate the claim with HMRC on a no win no fee basis.

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Other Services

Counting North has relations with other providers of specialist services which from time to time small accountancy practices may require.

As a result we can bring in specialist advisors who can assist with the following: